About Us

A brief introduction to W4TER.

Who we are

Humans don't take water seriously, yet it is the most important thing in life, without water there would be no life, this is a fact. About 71% of the Earth's surface is covered in water and only about 3.5% of that water is safe to drink, this is where W4TER comes in, all water can be purified including sea water. W4TER aims to supply you with the water purification technology you need to make any water safe to drink.

What We Do

W4TER supplies affordable water purification technologies for both domestic and industrial purification needs throughout South Africa.

From filtration systems to water dispensers and ice makers we supply a wide range of equipment, products and services, we try to cover as many areas of water purification as possible.

Retail Sale & Trade

  • Water Purification Equipment & Treatment Chemicals.
  • Water Filters.
  • Water Filtration Systems (Slimline & Big Blue).
  • Whole House Filtration Systems.
  • UV Sterilizers.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems and Plants.
  • Deionization Systems.
  • Desalination Plants.
  • Ozone Generators (O3/O³).
  • Sand Filter Systems.
  • Custom Plants for Domestic & Industrial use tailored to water analysis and requirements.
  • Purified Water (Bottled or Refill).
  • RO³ Water (Bottled or Refill).
  • Deionized Water (Bottled or Refill).
  • Water Dispensers.
  • Water Coolers.
  • Water Chillers.
  • Water Fountains.
  • Water Softeners.
  • Exfetrons for Iron Removal.
  • Tap Filters.
  • Filter Jugs.
  • Filter Bottles (for dispensers).
  • Water Filters & Replacement Cartridges.
  • Shower Filters.
  • Fridge Replacement Filters (Generic Alternatives).
  • Atmospheric Water Generators (Air to Water).
  • Activated Carbon Granules (GAC) Media.
  • KDF Media.
  • Mixed Bed/Ion Exchange Resin Media.
  • Softening Crystals & Siliphos Scale Control.
  • Polypropylene, String Wound & Pleated Sediment Filters.
  • Extensive Water Analysis with guidelines.
  • Bio-augmentation and Bio-remediation products.
  • Bio-Enzyme based "Green" products for cleaning.

Manufacturing & Assembly

  • Filtration Systems
  • Custom Filtration Systems and Treatment Plants to specification.