• 10 Inch White Type A
  • 10 Inch White Type B
  • 10 Inch Clear Type A

Filter Housing 10" Slimline

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Standard 10" White Slimline Housings which use Standard 10" Filter Cartridges.

Available in White & Clear (Transparent, may have a purplish hue).
White housings are slightly "stronger" and can withstand a higher pressure as they are made from a stronger material.
It is recommended not to install the clear housings in direct sunlight due to sunlight aiding bacteria/algae growth.

If you suspect that your pressure at any time may exceed 4 Bars we recommend installing a pressure reducing valve, they are cheaply available in 1/4" and 3/8" options, we will not replace damaged housings where operating pressure has been exceeded.

Housing wrench sold separately!

Due to different models from different suppliers many are available, to avoid confusion and supplying incorrect housings we have taken pictures of all the housings and labeled them as White Type A, Type B and Clear Type A, Type B etc... Please look at the pictures and select the type you want. If you do not make a selection we will supply the White Type A (Dual O-Ring) this is the highest quality housing we have in 10" slimline.

Note: All housing types are available in 1/4" inlet/outlets but some types may not be available in larger sizes.
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