Several times of guarantees are available.

Standard 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

All products are covered by default with this guarantee whether stated or not. This guarantee allows you 30 days from date of receipt to return the product(s) for a full money-back refund should any of the below conditions arise;
  • Product(s) defective or damaged on receipt.
  • Product(s) are not the product(s) which were ordered.
  • Product(s) fail within 30 days of purchase.
  • Product(s) appear used or not in a new condition (does not include refurbished units).
Please Note: You, the customer, will be liable to return the goods to us at your own expense.

Additional Guarantees

All Guarantees bellow are considered as additional guarantees.

Additional Guarantees are only applicable if the product(s) purchased expressively state that they are covered by the guarantee. Additional Guarantees are only available for product(s) purchased online, product(s) which have been purchased in stores may or may not be covered.

All guarantees below are additional and automatically include applicable terms and conditions of the Standard 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee and Guarantee conditions and voiding .

All additional guarantees are only applicable for 30 days unless stated otherwise, additional guarantees do not increase the guarantee period but last the same 30 days from date of product(s) receipt unless stated otherwise.

Once a guarantee expires the product(s) will be covered by the warranty and no guarantee claim can be made.

Satisfaction Guarantee

This guarantee allows you to return product(s) if you are not satisfied with them based on any of the following;
  • You are not satisfied with the quality of the product(s).
  • You are not convinced by the effectiveness of the product.
  • The product does not work as intended.
  • You have used the product(s) correctly and are not satisfied.
  • The product(s) are causing problems.

See, Taste or Smell Guarantee

This guarantee allows you to return applicable product(s) if you cannot see, smell or taste the difference in the water after it has been passed through the applicable product(s).

Guarantee conditions and voiding

Any and all Guarantees will be void and SEAL Water Tech shall not be liable to replace product(s) or refund you if any of the following apply;
  • Product(s) have been scratched, damaged, mishandled, misused, abused, destroyed, modified, disassembled, tampered with or similar.
  • Product(s) are missing parts or accessories including documentation and/or original packaging (*where applicable).
  • Product(s) contain parts or accessories which were not supplied with the product(s) or are from a third party.
  • Product(s) have been used outside of their maximum specifications, limit or capacity (such as overpressure, overvoltage, being used outdoors if not an outdoor product and so on).
  • Product(s) have not been used correctly.
  • Product(s) have not been maintained correctly.
  • Product(s) have not been fully paid for.**
* "Where applicable" means where it applies to the product(s) in question.
** If you have not fully paid for the product(s) or services including applicable installation or delivery costs you cannot submit a guarantee claim, only once full payment has been received can you submit a guarantee claim provided it is within its active timeframe.

Refund Process

All refunds which are approved will be paid via EFT (electronic funds transfer) into your bank account within 30 days of approval.
If we do not have your banking details on record you may be required to fill in a refund claim form which will be provided to ensure we have your banking details correct.
Refunds may in certain circumstances be available in cash to collect from a branch.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.