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Our terms and conditions.


SEAL Water Tech, its servants, agents or employees, shall have no liability whatsoever for any loss of, or damage to, any property of any person, nor for any personal injury or death of any person whatsoever, howsoever any loss, damage or injury or death shall arise, including that arising from any negligence, gross negligence, act or omission of SEAL Water Tech, or its servants, agents, employees or any other person duly authorised to act for and on behalf of SEAL Water Tech.


By using this website and/or placing orders I do hereby irrevocably indemnify and hold harmless SEAL Water Tech against all and any actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature and howsoever incurred which may be taken or made against you or be incurred or become payable by you for any reason.


For information on guarantees please see our guarantees info page.


Most products have a repair or replace warranty of up to 1 year, the actual warranty timeframe will either be on the product page or on your tax invoice, if no warranty is mentioned by default there will only be a 30 days warranty.

We reserve the right to reject any warranty claims if we feel the product has been abused, misused, tampered with or broken by any other means than on its own. Should the product have warranty seals, any broken seals will void your warranty.

Depending on the warranty type of your product you can expect the following:

Manufacturer’s Warranty - Most products are covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty, a Warranty card will usually be shipped with the product, however if not, you will be given contact details for the manufacturer whom will arrange a repair or replacement of the product and may have their own terms and conditions as well.

SEAL Water Tech Warranty - Some products have the SEAL Water Tech Warranty (usually products assembled by us or sold under our name) you will deliver the product to our offices at your own expense where we will inspect the product and forward it to our repair centre, if the product is beyond repair the product will be replaced, provided that the claim on the product was not a result of misuse, abuse, tampering, act of god, natural disaster, an accident or any other unforeseen situation. If the claim is a result of any of the aforementioned, the warranty will be void and you will be liable to cover inspection, repair, and replacement and/or return shipping costs. If we are unable to repair the product or replace it a refund will be issued.

* Warranties only apply to products which state "Warranty" in their description. Please contact us if you are unsure about a particular product. Occasionally extended warranties may be offered.

* There is no warranty offered on used filter cartridges as we cannot know if the filters have been used correctly or if the returned filter is in fact the one which was purchased, special exceptions may be made from time to time.


Products or services which are discounted or appear as on special may not be available in our physical stores (branches), special rates apply to online shopping only. Orders must be placed online through our online shop system in order to qualify for the special rates, you may then collect from a branch afterwards if you do not want to make use of the delivery options.

No guarantees are made on the special rates and they may change without notice, only once an order has been placed is the price guaranteed.

If a product is on special but out of stock it may no longer be available at the special rate, you will be contacted and advised if this is the case although it is rare.



If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

These terms were last updated 13/09/2016 and may change from time to time.